Thursday, June 19, 2014

Blue Rose Back

Not a stitch in sight.

Because of severe arthritus in my thumbs, hand work can be very painful.  Once this quilt was accepted into the exhibit, "Coming Up Roses", I needed to tack down the facing; plus add a sleeve.  The WONDERFUL quiltart list gave me some very helpful suggestions.  

I first tried machine stitching the sleeve to the facing.  I could get almost all of it in my machine.  Although, I carefully marked and pined, it came out wonky.  I think this might work IF the sleeve was sewn to the facing before the facing was attached.

I then tried 'fusing'.  Because I have often had problems with fusible pulling loose because I over ironed,  I used 'Liquid Stitch'.  I worked like a charm in securely attaching the facing.  Following directions, which I often do not read, I waited 24 hours to test the hold. I could not pull it apart.  Gluing the sleeve was a bit trickier.  The problem is that the glue would penetrate both layers of the sleeve.  I worked slowly over a few days:  glue, iron, pull off the top layer of fabric.  Let it dry thoroughly.  Repeat until all the edges are secured at the exact crease leaving the outside free to move.

Stitching sleeve to existing facing.