Thursday, February 4, 2016

DONE = 2 more PJ bottoms

I have finally finished my PJ sewing for this winter season.  Many have asked, "Why do you need so many PJ's?   My answer, "Because I hate the cold season.  I make it tolerable by having a LOT of PJ days."   

I have to force myself to make these because it is soooo boring.  However, when finished, I am soo happy to have these for 'day wear' at home.  Over the years I have worn many PJ's.  None were as comfortable as these or fit as well.

New Pair of PJ's in a new color scheme.
Mix and match or don't match.

Another Pair in the new color scheme.

More mix and match or don't match.    I do need to find/make a jacket that complements this  day wear.  I LOVE PJ days!

I wear this jacket with a couple of PJ bottoms.

The jacket is really a hot pink.  This red color here is a distortion.  This pair of PJ's is my first pair this season.  I was forced by aesthetics to rip out the old pocket top.    If interested, see

Then I remade these into what you see.  I view this as 'Day Wear at Home'.  When/if someone visiting objects, they do not have to return.  LOL.

At my age, I feel I deserve some opinions/options about what I want to wear when.  One advantage of being 'OLD'.  I do believe we deserve some 'extras' when we grow in years.