Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Tabard with a Message

Like many people, I've been very upset about the choices between the major party candidates.  Luckily, I found the GREEN PARTY.  As a Quaker, I am very interested in PEACE.  The GREEN PARTY, in my view , is also the PEACE PARTY.  The more I learned, the more I became an advocate.  The Green Party takes no money from any 'pacs' or corporations or anyone who wants to influence the party.  The only money comes from small donations from individuals like me.  Thus, no multi millions to spend on big ads on the internet.  No promos on major networks every night.   Because the pollsters, major parties, and BIG MONEY want to keep this option out of the lime light, I decided to make a tabard with a message.  At least the folks in my small town will get an idea that there is something else.  

Tabard back

I hate it when a long message appears on the front.  I am not comfortable with people staring at my front.  I also think people will look at your back for a long time.  Many are a bit uncomfortable staring at a woman's front for any length of time.  Therefore, my major message is on the back.  

Techniques:  I printed values on a light green fabric.  They are supposed to be BLACK.  I've been having a lot of problems with my Workforce 1100.  However, help does not seem to something available anymore.  I gave up on getting them black.  Printed what I could.  This turned out to be gray.  Then the fabric was fused to a backing for added stiffness.

I shape some in the form of leaves; others in the form of petals.  As I finished off the edges, I inserted florist wire so that I could shape them later.  This was problematic.  Hard to do, plus turned out to crimp very easily.  However, once done, I drew my pattern in chalk, experimented with layouts, one below, then proceeded to attach the rick-rack stem, then the petals and leaves.  I only sewed down the petals and leaves on one side.  I wanted dimension.  Lastly I attached the photo after fusing it on a heavy backing + extra cotton batting.  I am very happy with that part.

The words in white, both front and back, were stenciled.  The 'G' as part of the emblem, was screen printed.  

Not so happy with quilting around all of these 3 dimensional additions.  Hard to get very close because the projections got in the way.  I did manage to get the whole thing quilted quite well.  It is rather stiff, which I wanted.  

Tabard Front

This does not lay flat because I eased some fabric, after quilting, while I did the facing.  I wanted some extra room in the bust area.  It worked.  I was very happy with my 'Green Party' emblem until I took the photo.  The 'G' is not quite straight.  It is soo well stitched down, it will not be changed.

Tabard Layout

This is a view of the finished product.  It really does get peoples attention.

Tabard- First Layout

The first prints were way too large.  Not sure what I will do with these.  For now, they are just in a pile.  Suggestions welcomed.

One of Many Petal Layouts

Interested in learning more about the Green Party?