Sunday, May 18, 2008

butterfly using positive and negative spaces

When someone in Quiltart posted a site with the note, everyone needs one of these, I got inspired.

Here is the site

I was absolutely going to make some iris. I love iris. I am anxiously awaiting their perfumed blooms. They are not yet blooming here, so I had none to study. Then as I started thinking about this months challenge, positive and negative spaces, I decided to cut out some iris as outline and others as solids. Because my iris are still not blooming, I went on-line. Didn't like anything very much. Tried a few sketches. Looked at a LOT of photos and sketches. Decided to give it a rest. Nothing was appealing to me. My sketches were not what I really wanted in positive negative spaces.

Took a break. Cooked some wonderful lentil soup. Ate. Relaxed. Gave myself an eye treatment; lay down with hot compresses on my eyes to try and get the oils flowing. Daydreamed/ processed. Many of my best ideas come either when I am falling asleep or 'processing' in the morning before I get out of bed.

Then I got on a new track. Witness the aluminum butterfly made from left over pieces of flashing. The flashing pieces are each 5"x7". I used 4 for each side. My next challenge is figuring out how to fasten the pieces together and hang it.

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Sherryl said...

Great job Ann. I too saw that website and was thinking about doing something, but time seems to be my biggest problem. Too many things I want to do and not enough time.