Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sweet Peas from Mom

For many years my Mom grew sweet peas on a pasture gate that was no longer used to fence in animals. It was always left open. Every spring when Mom was picking daffodils, which she grew along the fence, she would peek to see if the sweet peas were coming up. One year after I bought my house, my Mom sent me a little medicine container of sweet pea seeds. I planted them near a small sundial in my tiny yard. I've got about 4' between the neighbors garage and my old barn, now a rental apartment. These beautiful sweet peas have been coming up for 10 years now. They are a lovely memory; another connection with my Mom.

This year we have had a lot of rain. The sweet peas and everything else just grew twice as big as usual. The green vines behind the sweet peas are some out of control kiwi vines. I'll trim them back AFTER I harvest the fruit. Just got a male vine two years ago. Looking forward to my first real harvest. Maybe I'll move the snakes from the cherry tree to the kiwi vines to keep the birds away. However, I think it is the squirrels who eat this fruit.

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frazzledsugarplummum said...

ahhh the smell of of my favourites .......they are a lovely shade.
Thank you for sharing,