Friday, January 9, 2009

Quoth the Raven

Cocky fellow that he is, this Raven is reading Poe as he struts his stuff in his orange form fitting boots.
I made this for both the FFFC [Fast Friday Fabric Challenge] and a Raven Postcard Challenge. Since I had posted it on the FFFC blog, it is not eligible for the Fiberart for a cause fundraiser.

SOOO, with that good cause in mind, I have posted it here--all 4" x 6" of it. I couldn't think of anyway to do an auction except let people leave messages with their bids; a silent auction of sorts.

The winner bidder will make out a check to the
National Breast Cancer Foundation
and mail to

National Breast Cancer Foundation

2600 Network Blvd. Suite 300

Frisco, TX 75034

In return, I will mail this one-of-a-kind Raven Post Card to you. Of course your donation is fully tax deductible. The post card will just be a gift from me to you.

I do hope there is interest in this idea.
This silent auction ends at midnight January 31, Eastern Standard Time. I will then notify the winner via email. Therefore, please email your email address to me, I will get all of the mailing information from the winning bidder.
Please post your bid in the comments section so everyone can see the bids. If someone has a better way to do this, please email me the details. This is my first try at a charity fundraiser on my own.

Thanks for looking, ann


fnkylady said...

You are wonderful! I'll bid $30. Karen

fnkylady said...

You are wonderful! I'll bid $30 to get things going. Karen said...

I want to bid $25.00 on this card. Anything for breast cancer research is great in my book. My mother died in 1994 and it started with breast cancer.


alexa said...

Love it! I want to bid $35.00.

ann said...

Wen Redmond bid $40
in an email to me because she couldn't post.

Rice said...

I can't believe I almost missed this. $50 is my bid. : )

tuesday said...

Did you paint the raven or fuse it on? I'm just beginning art quilt and trying to figure out how this works.

ann said...

Hi Tuesday,
I used inks and then pens after the intense stitching was done. Thanks for you interest.

ann said...

Going, going, GONE. Sold to Pamela Rice for a very generous donation of $50 to the Breast Cancer Foundation.
Thank you Pamela.