Sunday, April 12, 2009

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

The finished quilt: "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder"

I have finally finished this FFF challenge 27 which was due December 6. The challenge was to depict something either really really close up OR really far far away. I chose close close up. We were encouraged to follow our chosen theme as well as use a variety of values.

Although I had the center done and quilted on time, the quilt finishing was a challenge. I decided to make mitered borders. I ripped them out so many times I had to get more material. Finally I glued them in place and stitched on top. I hate to say 'never again', but it is so far down on my list of thingAdd Images to do I think I would have to dig down a few feet to find it. Then I did the machine work for the facing. The hand sewing was so painful that I only did a little at a time. With Mom's 93 birthday on April 16, fast approaching, I had a goal to meet. Hope to mail it tomorrow.

My dear cousin Tom had arranged for my Mom to meet her latest Great Grand child. He also took a few photos. This one caught my attention because of the look between my Mom and this toddler. Mom was tied to a wheel chair because her left side was paralyzed after a stroke almost one year ago. My sister Mary was actually holding the baby on Mom's lap. However, through the magic of 'paint' and hours and hours of work, I cut out Mary's hand. Then I faded the photo so only the 'GOOD' stuffed showed. Not the greatest editing job. However, one thing that is so rewarding about making things for my Mom, she LOVES everything I make or do for her. Can't beat that for pay back.

For the puzzle lovers, a different cut.

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Carole said...

Ann, this turned out beautifully!! I am so glad you stayed with it, what a treasure. I like to that your 'pay back' is that your mom likes what you make. And I KNOW she will adore this!

Ann Flaherty's Strands of Imagination said...

What a beautiful quilt and a wonderful testament to your love for your mother and family. You have truly captured the light between grandmother and grandchild.
The piece tugs at my heart.
Thank you for sharing.

pcoxdesign said...

That's beautiful Ann and a wonderful story as well.

norma said...

Great Phtoshopping, great quilt! What a lovely tribute to your mother.

Karen Newman Fridy said...

this may be my most favorite of all your work...well done!!

Ann said...

It ihas been a long, long time since a piece of fibre art has grabbed my heart but this one did. WOW!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Ann, this is just a wonderful piece!
Is the background pieced?
Great job!