Monday, December 14, 2009

Whole Wall Insulating Quilt

I've been dragging my feet on this project for months. The problems started while doing the quilting; the thread broke almost twice for every vertical row. Not fun to pull all of those threads and secure them so that they will survive the wash. When that was finally finished, it sat for a long time. Now however, with the cold coming off the wall, I got myself in gear [finally].

Nothing seemed to go right. Somehow I had made it 3" too short. Therefore I added a strip to the top. Because this is a sloped ceiling, I did special vertical quilting in the top section so that it would go higher than the support rod. Unfortunately, I did one of those "what was I thinking" things, I attached the top of the hanging strips, before I quilted the top. That made quilting the top really tedious [had to go around those pieces] and the quilting is not very regular. I would go larger or smaller to work around the attachments. But finally it was done.
Done is good!

Day View Drapery Closed

The best news, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! If I had known how much I would like it and how warm it keeps the wall, I think I would have finished it earlier. If you are thinking about making something like this, please persevere. It is definitely worth it.

This winter I quickly put together a support for the drapery over the hot water baseboard heat. Instant supports are made from odd pieces of wood and braced with tea boxes screwed into the sides. I had to either to make something to hold the quilt above the baseboard heat or close the heat at night. Options are nice.  This works GREAT!

This is a west facing window, so I know it will also be a wonderful thing to have this insulation in August.
Night View with Draperies Open

Since the wall is only 8'-6" wide and the windows are over half of the area, covering the whole wall turned out to be a wonderful idea. I'm really happy happy happy with the effect of this insulation on my little sleeping nest- desk area alcove.

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Katherine said...

Well done Ann!
you could even pin a small bright wall hanging to it if you wanted color!