Monday, April 11, 2011

Cape is quilted

Cape Quilted
I wasn't thinking when I put the darts in before blocking.  However, it is going to work.

Hanging for Final Fitting

Facing in second dye stage
I couldn't make the facing until I discovered how the cape was going to be after quilting and fitting.    I'm using a commercial purple for the lining. Of course that has to wait until it is faced.  I'm thinking about rounding the bottom front corners.   Just want to be sure it still covers my belly. 

This is taking way way too long. I am making progress. Looks like it will be a push to get it finished in time.

I want to get back to my Comfort Quilts for Japan that I am working on between cape work.


Judys Fiber Art said...

No matter what you decide with the front corners, this is spectacular. The color is stunning. A "One of a kind" work to be proud of.

AZ said...

Beautiful! Spectacular! How creative you are!

norma said...

It looks very pretty. Is it for a special occasion?

Elaine Quehl said...

Wow Ann! This looks stunning! How did you manage to quilt it and still maintain such great drape? Is it two layers of silk? Shibori silk? Way back when I decided to make a quilted "goddess cape", and when it was quilted and placed on my body it looked like I was wearing a cardboard box (too stiff), so I had to turn it into a jacket. It made a nice jacket but I never did get my dream cape! Great work.

Gloria said...

Very nice! I like the long flowing lines which are just perfect for this cape.

ann said...

Hi Elaine,
This has some drape, but not much. It is a heavy satin I recycled from a discarded wedding dress. The quilting is rather dense, the batting is wool. I think what helps is that I quilted in a flowing up-down manner. Howfully it will be both warm and cool. I'm wearing it to a wedding at the end of the month so I better get busy on the finishing. I then will wear it to a 50th HS reunion dinner-dance at the end of September [my birthday] and then to another wedding on January 1, 2012. If not for these special weddings, I never would have spent the time. I have learned a LOT! Not sure I want to do it again, but now I know a bit more.
You know, "Too soon old, too late smart".