Sunday, September 18, 2011

My quilt donations for Karey's museum

Fast Friday Fabric Challenges to the rescue of Karey's museum.  Since it takes me much longer than most to create even a little quilt, I looked in my 'saved quilt' stash and came up with three I hope are good enough for this venue.

Catch a Falling Star

This was a no brain-er.  I started with a gorgeous piece of Lois Jarvis' 'Rust Tex' fabric. [Check it out, it will make the quilt.]  Basically I framed it in this wonderful hand dyed velveteen, stitched it in gold, and then added some gold colored metal beads.  This is actually one of my favorite pieces.  Hope it finds a home that loves it.

Mermaid Study

I believe mermaids are related to dolphins and whales. They do not have scales, but thick skin. If you look closely, this mermaid is working hard to get off the beach. She was visiting land for the night, but obviously didn't make it back before she changed, once again, from a human to a sea mammal. As the sun is only a thread on the horizon, no shadows exist. It is that special time between moon glow and sun shine. Although the mermaid seems in peril, the tide is rising. Do not fear, she will be OK.


I discharged some fabric, stitched it to within an inch of it's life with many types of thread, including metallic.  Then I added glass beads to reflect the glow of the inner space.  I mounted it between a small wooden frame which I covered with jute string to reflect the tough, dull outside of a geode.


Judys Fiber Art said...

Good choices, Ann. I am sure that they will appreciate these donations.

Michigoose said...

Nice selections Ann! I'm sure these will be snapped up! Lisa Q.

Barb Forrister said...

Ann, I love the mermaid. It is so nice of you to put these up for donation. I'll keep an eye out for them.

Joy V said...

Ann, I love your three quilts. I'm sure someone will want them. Is your mermaid 3D?

Kathy Angel Lee said...

Lovely pieces, Ann. They will look nice in the museum.