Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Traveling Cape

Traveling Cape, 3/4 front

My cousin Tom's second son got married on January 1, 2012 in Monterrey, California.  The location, the brides hometown, was absolutely gorgeous. I planned to go early to visit galleries and other interests in Carmel.  Knowing the weather changed dramatically from Maine to California and also each day in Carmel; sun = warm; breeze after night meant chills.  This wool cape was the perfect thing for the visit.  It traveled well as a blanket, sides flung back it adjusted to the afternoon sun, closely wrapped around me, it warmed me each evening.  It worked well!  I also love the design which is in the style of Mondrian, to fit an Fast Friday Fabric Challenge 3 months ago.

Traveling Cape, back

Traveling Cape, side

All the wool was recycled from clothing either in my closet, Salvation Army, friends, or thrift shops.


LynDee Lombardo said...

Super, very Mondrian.

:Diane said...

Just wow! You succeeded on many levels. Great Cape.