Friday, September 7, 2012

A Friendly Family of Five Fabulous Fish

A Friendly Family of Five Fabulous Fish
Frequently Travel with Two Terrific Tagalongs
36" x 47"

A Friendly Family of Five Fabulous Fish
Front end view to show dimension

A Friendly Family of Five Fabulous Fish
Back end view to show dimension

This summer has passed very quickly in one view and very slowly in another.  With my first guild meeting next Thursday, I decided I better use my challenge fabric.  That fabric is the gray, off white and blue-white print used for the fish.  We had to use some of each plus we were allowed to add up to 3 different fabrics.  No other restrictions.  I immediately thought I would do a large blue heron.  So much for that idea.

When the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge came out = a group of something, I got this fish idea.

Since I am very behind in my charity quilts, I wanted to 'catch up'.  This quilt serves all of those purposes.  I would really like to know the age and sex of the person who picks this quilt.  It is very unlikely that this will happen.  I just hope it makes the recipient smile.

Because I am thinking it may be washed a lot, everything is faced and stitched down tight.  There are NO raw edges, loose threads of anything that might 'wash out'.

Installation view at


Sally said...

I love your fish. It should make some one very happy---would be great for any child--up to childish adults!!

Judy Ferguson said...

Really fun and fabulous. Great idea, especially for a child's room.

Linda said...

The fish are wonderful...but the quilting depicting seaweed really sets it up. Great piece!

Katherine said...

cool fish!

norma said...

This is so appealing and I like the swirly quilting in the background. Some lucky kid will absolutely love it!

ann said...

Thanks Norma. The background was quilted first; hopefully it resembles some growing things. It is about as realistic as the fish, which are actually an idea from a real fish.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

I love this one Ann, nice job.