Thursday, January 24, 2013

One Black Square

One Black Square
framed 12"x12"
Since I ended 2012 with what has become one of my favorite quilts, 'One Yellow Square', I love starting the new year with, 'One Black Square'.  The inner black square is velvet, the surround is cotton satin.  Both are lush and exciting in their own way.  Totally opposite textures, they invigorate each other.  This quilt is composed of allsorts of fabrics: thin silk, uphostery silk, metalic varieties, polyester blends in both flat and dramatic textures.  In person the fabrics really command attention.
I started quilting because of my love of fabric.  I find it more difficult than painting; also more exciting.  Now I am on a quest to experience more of the 'lush', texture, and variety of fabrics.  The ideas are totally flooding my brain.  Sifting and ballancing and finding my true path will be the thrust of this year.
One Black Square detail
I think this is the only way to show some of the dimensions of this piece.  I used some selvages, folded sheer fabric and a needle felted piece of satin which now looks like wool.  The piece is mounted in a black metal frame. 
I have actually completed another quilt.  It is a twin size quilt for a boy which is slated for New Jersey storm relief.  It will be published shortly.
As I have been thinking more and more about this special year, I have decided to make 70 fiber constructions.  This number 70 is because I will become 70 the end of September.  This is the first birthday that has hit me between the eyes.  I wish I had thought about starting this after my last birthday. However, I do believe that when one decides on something, it is always at the correct time.
In order to finish 70 fiber constructions, I will include anything sewn, quilted, or finished UFO's.  I have several unfinished quilts and quilt tops.  I am hoping this self challenge will get me energized to finish them.  One thing I always get excited about is the idea and the start of the quilt.  However, I have several items that really are not 'ready for hanging or use'.  I have to push myself hard to do the finish work.  Because I am having thumb surgery for arthritis, this should make hand sewing possible.  I have just joined a group called FAT [Fiber Art Traders] for short.  I hope to make a bunch of post cards with this group.
Of course the proof will be in the doing.  This is 'seventy, number 1' = the start of my self challenge.


norma said...

70! I can't even imagine doing that many quilts in a year. Good luck! You're off to a good start with One Back Square.

Funky Diva said...

Designer Ann, I like your One Black Square very much. I am in awe of your decision to try to make 70 quilts this year. Am looking forward to following your journey.

Marti said...

What? Seventy! You are NOT! ...and making as many quilts? I know you can do it. :)

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

I don't know how I missed this, Ann. What an exciting project for an exciting milestone. I'm not too far behind you, and hope I have the drive to set myself such an awesome goal.

I love "One Black Square"! And thanks for adding the link to this post via your felted purse fabric disaster, or I never would have seen it.