Monday, September 2, 2013

'Dare to Do' - pieced

'Dare to Do' - pieced
This is actually my forth pieced panel.  After putting two together, I realized they were too large for me to add the necessary first panel.  I am enjoying putting this little bits together.  Using these lush, decorator fabrics with satin, glitz and velvet feels really good to me.  Love these combinations.  Of course these are my favorites to look at.  One major problem is working with the slippery fabrics and the velvet which seems to have a mind of its' own as it wiggles under the sewing machine.
Think I'll take a break and bind another chemo quilt.  Of course my mind will still be thinking about how best to put together one of these panels to cover my cupboard.

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Eleanor Levie said...

What a fascinating layer the text adds to this art quilt. Powerful!