Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fun Wear

Fun Wear - Pajamas

For the top I used a knit top I already owned.  So, I would say the top is 'embellished', not created. 

However, for the bottoms, I started with a pattern I altered for myself many years ago.  I eliminated the side seam, lengthened the legs, then added a band at the bottom.  This way, I could make the legs long enough to cover my ankles when sitting, yet keep them off the floor when standing.  The placement of the pink pocket was dictated by a flaw in the fabric.  The others were added 'just for FUN'.

Continuing the conversation, since I started with a pattern, is this an original design?

PS.  All of the fabrics, pattern and the top were items I had 'on hand'.  Nothing was purchased for this specific project.  I usually have lots of flannel around since I use it to back my Chemo Quilts.  Of course I always have lots of cotton fabric.  I've used this pattern before, but never in this particular way.  I made them now because I wanted more 'Warm Wear' + I wanted it to be fun to wear.

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Andrine said...

So cute - really love these pj's