Thursday, January 1, 2015

Quilt of Honor = Stars

This is my second star quilt for a veteran.  I liked the first one.  However, I think the larger size of the stars, make this one much  bolder.  These quilts are always needed to bring a little comfort to our recovering veterans.

Quilt of Honor, 40x60


Please feel free to use this.  For the stars I drew a star on paper then paper pieced it.  Sorry, I can not find my drawings.  If you make squares the size of the squares + half inch, draw the star, and then paper piece, it should work.


LA Paylor said...

how wonderful Ann
I really like the dynamic look to this one. The large scale stars are terrific. Good job

Janelle said...

How did you finish the edge? I
I couldn't see the edge so wanted to know if you added a binding or border.
I really like the bold way the stars "March" forward or down the quilt.

I think the stars make the quilt say something special about the giver & receiver of quilt. Both deserve stars!⭐️

B. Garner said...

Stunningly wonderful Ann... thank you for always being there for those in need. It is the very special gift YOU give to the world and it is a blessing.
Thanks and I will copy your pattern for Canadian soldier quilt - we are having many return home with injuries, visible and not so much.

Marilyn Wall said...

Ann, I have long planned to make a wounded warrior quilt. I love your design and just may take you up on using your pattern. If I do so I will make sure you see the finished product. Right now I am about to make a big change that will take up the better part of a year. All things in their time and place.

Funky Diva said...

Anne, your veteran quilt is beautiful. Much like the one you donated to me for my sister's Wheelchair Wounded Warrior quilts project. I know it will be appreciated and valued by the recipient. Maggie Winfield

ann said...

The edge on all of my charity quilts is a binding. Because I have severe arthritis, sometimes a friend will do that for me.