Sunday, August 4, 2019

Birthday Quilt for Evelyn Noelle

I hope my cousin Stewart's family enjoy playing this game as much as I do.  I find it even more fun than the 'I Spy' quilts I made for the previous children in these families.

My machine is no longer sewing letters with any kind of accuracy, so I've used permanent fabric markers instead.  This has an air filling, flannel backing.  It is lightly quilted with a meandering line which has hearts sewn in as I saw fit.  All of the seams were totally sewn down before the backing and front were joined.  That is a lot of really boring work, but it will keep the squares flat when washed and dried. This quilt was folded for travel when I realized I had not yet taken a photo.  Now it is once again rolled tight, ready to travel to the Indianapolis area in 10 days to be delivered to the new First Cousin Twice Removed.  This means it is my dear First Cousin Tom's son's daughter.

Birthday Quilt for Evelyn Noelle
40" x 60"

This is my second "Matching Game" quilt. Last March, the first quilt was delivered to the family of this cousin's brother who lives in Pebble Beach.

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