Sunday, November 29, 2009

Art Deco Women in a Crazy Quilt Purse

I have finally put the finishing touches on my new crazy quilt purse. So far it is my favorite: black, white and gray with red on white or white on red in 1\4" strips between each piece. This really sets off the pieces so that they stand out as individuals. The art deco women who are the theme, were a fabric gift. This is also a purse full of grateful memories. Of course I do 'fancy' machine stitches on the edge of every piece or either side of the strip between.

I also lined the front so that it could become a whole pocket that is closed with Velcro for those things that I want to keep separate for the usual stash of 'necessary stuff' that seems to weigh me down. I'm working on minimizing, but not making a whole lot of head way.
Purse front featuring 3 of the art deco women.

Purse back.
Purse sides.

Purse inside showing full front pocket with velcro closure and 2 pockets in the back for pen and note paper.

I lined the closure flap and the inside of the front pocket with this wonderful fabric which was a gift. I put my name in yellow on the front. It is under the flap when closed. I just had to have my identity tag.


Anonymous said...

Awesome purse

JYA Fiberarts said...

Very cute purse. Like the choice of fabrics. When I have leftover quilted pieces, they often become tote bags!

Amy said...

Love the art deco ladies, do you know who made the fabric or where it can be purchased?

ann said...

Hi Amy,
I do not know much about the fabric as it was a gift. If I was good at searching, I'd try on-line. I googled 'art deco fabric' and got lots of sites to investigate.
Wishing you JOY on your Journey,