Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Star Block

I don't come from a traditional quilt background. I come from an art background with limited sewing skills. When my guild announced last month that they we were each going to make blocks for Christmas quilts, I panicked. What if mine wasn't good enough. The colors were predetermined: Christmas red, Christmas green and white on white. It was the white on white that cause me so much trouble. Half the time I put it on the wrong way. I found it more than enough of a challenge. I don't ever want to use white on white again where I have to worry about which side is up. I've never ripped out so much on such a little piece: 12" square. At any rate, I threw it on the pile last night at our meeting. I wasn't the best, but I was far from the worst. In fact, I feel rather good about my contribution.
Christmas Star Block
PS. I also showed my 'Blast Off' quilt. I was thrilled with the response. It was also fun to see what every one else is making. This is my first time with live [not over the computer] quilters. I'm really having fun with this group. There is a lot of diversity. Everyone seems to appreciate that. If you are not in a guild or a group, I encourage you to seek one out


norma said...

I know what you mean about white on white. I've made the same mistakes. Your block is lovely! You did a nice job.

Diana said...

Your block is lovely! You did a nice job.
light grip painters tape [green] on one side of the fabric can mark the orientation for you. I would put it on the 'wrong' side. Remove it when you have sewed the units together.

ann said...

Thanks Diana,
That is a GREAT tip. Maybe in a year I'll feel like using that white on white for something like this again. When I use it for art quilts, I really like the back side better.

Mary Tabar said...

Nice blog Ann, I saw your post on quiltingarts. Nice sewing your Christmas block