Saturday, July 9, 2011

1983 Poster

Detroit Promotional Poster

I have been lounging around since June 20 when I burned my foot; followed by cancer surgery on my nose June 21.  I have to keep my foot elevated.  It is difficult to do a lot when the foot has to be elevated.  Therefore, I'm sifting through stuff to try and better utilize my book shelves.  I found a photo of this poster.  WOW did it bring back memories.  I used to really have a lot of fun making stuff like this.  Glad I saved a BW photo.  Of course I had to photograph it with a digital to get it on the blog.  Some of the details got lost, but I am pleased to see it again.

I can't remember the original size.  However it must have been at least poster board.  I actually think it was larger.   I do remember that it was done with different colors.  Just a walk down memory lane.


Kathy said...

I'm curious about how this came about. Are/were you a Detroiter? I'm trying to remember the poster but I was a mom with two little ones in 1983 and I was consumed by Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers then. It's a wonderful tribute to this still struggling city. Thanks for sharing it.

Barbarba Douglas said...

As a Michiganian...Love it!!! I want to send my bro to see it but he would 'lift' it and put it on his facebook page!

Judys Fiber Art said...

Looks good, even now. Wish I had taken pictures of some of my gradeschool posters. Take care of yourself. Try to be patient. I just went through 2 hand surgeries.

ann said...

I lived in a subburb of Detroit for many years. I attending school and think this was one of the design projects.

I do not care if someone posts this as long as they give me credit. Posting without giving credit is NOT acceptable.