Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Dream Rocket Panel

To me, the peace symbol means a utopian hope for a new age of global peace and unity.  Therefore, my idea has always been to use a large peace symbol on a green background to represent the earth; sky above; sea below.  However, originally I was going to have fabric hands just outside the yellow circle.  That didn't work because the small size made them look comical.  Next I tried using a bit of Lennon's song, ". . . all we really need is love..."  Love the song and the thought, but that didn't seem to work either.  Now the paint is building up.  I laid a piece of transparent paper over.  Much better to sketch it out instead of all that repainting.  Finally, the present design appeared.  I think the peace symbol can be seen from quite a distance.  Moving closer the large words, then the smaller words and symbols are readable.  Up close one can see the fish in the ocean and the birds in the sky.  Although many of the symbols may not bring ready thoughts to everyone, the peace symbol didn't either when it was first used.

My Dream Rocket Panel

One symbol may have many meanings. Following are the ones I place on these symbols. Start on the left and move clockwise.

Circle with a line: water; necessary for life.

Quartered circle: a sacred space or sacred earth; also the Celtic Cross.

Yin-Yang: universal harmony and global unity.

Propeller with a “no” symbol over it: no radiation. The symbol for no nuclear energy was too complicated for the 2” diameter circle. However, I am also thinking of that.

Arrows in a circle: recycle. I am also thinking of reduce and reuse.

Circle with a dot: creative spark of divine consciousness.

Empty circle: unity, wholeness, infinity, the feminine spirit, a sacred space and the spirit of mother earth.


JYA Fiberarts said...

It looks good, Ann. I hope that you make the deadline.

norma said...

It's terrific, Ann. It looks like you've covered all your bases.

Marilyn Wall said...

Ann, this is wonderful. I was wondering where you were. Hope you are better soon.

anniedehgan said...

Nice job as usual! Sorry to hear that you are having health problems that are keeping you from being your usual creative self. Hope things get better soon.