Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fat Cat and Mousey

Fat Cat and Mousey
32.75" x 39.5"

As you may have already guessed, this was a FUN project!  It is my response to a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge.  It is also my February charity quilt.

This started out as a comfort quilt for my guild's stash.  Unfortunately I had serious stitch tension problems which required me to apply glue on the back of ALL the stitching so that I didn't have to worry about it coming apart.  The glue made the back a bit stiff and scratchy; not much for a comfort.  My present idea is to find a place for it as a wall hanging in a hospital children's wing.  Someone at my guild mentioned the Barbara Bush Center in Portland, Maine.  Too far for me to drive, so I'll try to connect by phone to see if they might be interested.  I'll write a follow up, if and when, this happens.

Fat Cat and Mousey side view

The eyes and nose were freezer paper turned applique.  I never thought I would ever used this technique which was demonstrated last year at one of my guild meetings.  The ears were make using the pillow case technique then attached to the quilt.  I did this before I quilted.  However, it would be much easier to add them later. 

Fat Cat, closeup of face and tail

The whiskers were added after quilting because I wanted them to be really secure.   When I sewed the tail seam, I also sewed in two pieces of polyester quilt batting. I wanted the tail to puff out; didn't want to worry about the stuffing shifting.   It was a bear to turn inside out, but I do like the effect.  I stitched the tail down after quilting; leaving just a short end free.  The ruffled collar was created separately then attached to the quilt top.


Mousey was created separately from a very simple shape, then stuffed with lots of polyester to keep the nice fat shape.  To get the tail to curl, I made a loop and left it for a while.  Fat Cat's paws have velcro on the ends for holding Mousey or some other object of a different size and shape.  The nose and eyes are heavily stitched.

Sketch/Pattern for Fat Cat

I used a large piece of newsprint to sketch what I hoped would be a charming, comical, playful cat that might appeal to a young child.  During the construction stage I cut the sketch apart.  I marked connection lines where two pieces would join.   Then, I cut and sewed; making several changes as I went to ease construction.

I took this quilt to my guild meeting tonight.  I was soo disappointed that no one liked it very much.  I love it.  Hope children will too.


Rice said...

Cuteness :)

Michele Lasker said...

I love your quilt. It is whimsical, colorful, and charming.

Michele Lasker said...

Your quilt is wonderful. It is very colorful,, very charming, and whimsical. Thanks for sharing.

Roniquilts2 said...

I like it! Think it's cute. I think kids would really enjoy looking at it, too!

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

Well, Ann...they must be a group of fuddy duddies because I think this is great fun! Love the dimension and the colors, and it is very light hearted and uplifting.

Maybe the winter has gotten to them, because I think this is quite charming and fits the FFFC criteria well.

Maybe they were stuck on it being a bed quilt? Which by your own admission because of the glue it wouldn't work out so well for?

Hugs and atta girl!


Maxine Oliver said...

Ann I think it's a darling quilt. And would make a delightful wall hanging. So from me to you ATTA GIRL! :-))

Bev said...

what an adorable quilt! I think you hit the target right on with something a kid would like -- too bad none of the members of your guild remember being a kid!

Dolores said...

Very cute! Love three dimensional work.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great. Wish I could come up with ideas that jump, like that.

Funky Diva said...

Ann, your delightful quilt made me smile. You can never please all the people even a very small amount of time. Maggie Winfield

hannah's grandma said...

My 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter would LOVE this quilt. The expression on the cat's face, the colour, the dimensionality, and the wonderfull wee mouse - soooo kid friendly!

hannah's grandma said...

My 2 yr old granddaughter would love your quilt! The bold shapes, the colour, the expression on the cat's face, the wonderful wee mouse.... I can see how her face would light up if she were to see the quilt!

Sandra said...

Delightful quilt. Love all the
3-D work esp. the stuffed tail and the mouse.