Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Window Study 1

Window Study 1
10" x 10"

The Fast Friday Fabric Challenge was to use a photo of our choosing to sketch the lines to become inspiration for a quilt.  The colors were to come from another photo we used for photo inspiration.  To quote Cynthia Morgan, the "Challenge: Use the element of Line and the 3 elements of Color (Hue,Value, Intensity) in a design study piece. You will need 2 inspiration sources:  one for line, another for color."

Photo Inspiration and Sketch-Tracing

Color Inspiration
These colors came from a Rights Managed photo, so I am not posting that.  It is a photo of a spectacular fire works display over a body of water.  Besides lighting up the sky, the colors are reflected in the water.  I had to deviate from these somewhat because I do not have many bright colors in my stash.  What a dull stash I have.  I am working on getting bright colors.

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