Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quilt Photo Review - Year 5

Golden Sunrise, 10" x 10"

Horned Violet, 9" x 9"

Painted T-shirt, just for FUN
Window Study I, 10" x 10"

Window Study II, 10" x 10"

Window Study III, 10" x 10"
Purple BOMbs, 40.5" x 58.5"
I believe this is the only kind of bombs that we should use.  This resulted from my guild challenge of one BOM a month.  Because I have made very few traditional blocks, I really enjoyed this challenge.  Of course when it came to creating the quilt, I did have to be very creative because I had made my blocks in sizes that I thought fit the block.
Block of the Month Pillow, 16" x 16"
Pillow made from one of the BOMs that didn't fit in the final quilt.

Wedding Memory Pillow Front, 24" square

Memory Pillow Back
This is the monogram that the couple designed.
Sewing Machine Cover for my new Juki Exceed 600
BTW, I love this machine

Sun Cape made from selvage edges
I like my sewing machine cover so much, I decided to make a sun cape using the same method.  Because I am very allergic to the sun, ie LOTS of cancer, this is something I use a lot during the warm season.
Mondrian Inspired Cape

Mondrian Inspired Purse, 3 views

Velvet Evening Purse with silk and bead embellishment

Place Mat Purses given as Christmas Gifts
Last October, I promised myself I would try to make one Charity Quilt a month for my quilting year.  Following are some of the 12 Charity Quilts I made.  I know I forgot to photograph one little baby quilt.  The last quilt for my self imposed challenge, didn't get done until October, so it will show up on next years summary.  I found that it was too too much of a challenge.  I struggled to finish; one quilt was late.  This next year I will try to make 6 quilts during the year PLUS quilt 6 other charity quilts. I want to have time to make more Art Quilts and learn how to machine felt.
Comfort Quilt, 36x46

Comfort Quilt, 43x54

Comfort Quilt, 36" x 54"

 Red Rhythms II, 32"x42"

Comfort Quilt, 36" x 48"

Fat Cat and Mousey, 32.75" x 39.5"

Comfort Quilt, 38" x 52"
Comfort Quilt, 36" x 44"

Fidget Quilt, 33" x 35.5"

A Friendly Family of Five Fabulous Fish Frequently Travel with Two Terrific Tag-a-longs, 36" x 47"


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Wow, Ann, I'm impressed. I especially love your comfort quilts,the sun cape made with selvedges, and your pictorial art quilts. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Peggi Yac said...

What a nice way to review a year's work. Congratulations!

Marilyn Wall said...

you have been one busy lady.

Marilyn Wall said...

you have been one busy lady

Sherrie Spangler said...

That was a fun, colorful tour! I especially like the sun cape, and your pledge to make the comfort quilts.

norma said...

Wow! What a productive year you've had! All those charity quilts and beautiful art quilts. Give yourself a big pat on the back.

Linda Steele said...

Congratulations on a very successful year.

Anonymous said...

I really like creating a digest of the year like this. It helps to look back and see what you have accomplished. I like the Mondrian pieces and the work with selvages. I have a jar full of selvages which "someday" I hope to put together as you have done.
Well done, lady!

guest said...

designerann you are a freaking genius.

i've lived in southern arizona for 30 years. i love to walk around in the desert, you want a lot of shade and a lot of airflow. you think anyone but you and i ever figured that part out?

>>SUNCAPE. i use a sheet of muslin and am about to build a more solid one. i swear, i've looked for years and you are the only person to actually get this. thanks for resolving my despair and loneliness .. there is intelligent life out there.