Friday, December 28, 2012

One Yellow Square

One Yellow Square
10" x 10"
ready for framing

One Yellow Square
view to show depth and texture

I had a dream last night about creating a quilt with one square. I thought it would be red, but I was not sure. This dream puzzled me. I wondered what the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge would be. When I finally got my computer working, I got goose bumps when it was something to do with numbers.

After reading all of the information, looking at all the sites, and finding out by my birthday, my number was 2 I was stymied. I've been making charity quilts non-stop for a few weeks now. I'm bored. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy knowing that they will be going for a good cause. However, the sewing to a set pattern is wearing very thin.

This challenge came just in time to exercise a bit of creativity. I had purchased some plain and non floral fabrics before Christmas. Now they were all washed and ready to be used. As I read the descriptions, the number 1 made the most sense to me = power, passion, determination on one view as well as "... developing your own will, individuality, decisiveness, and expressing your creativity,..." on another view. Of course I could not get the dream out of my mind. 
I wanted the square to stand out visually as well as actually.  I also wanted the strips to be varied in width.  I really had fun with this.  I think now I will work on a small series.  I have discovered that I really enjoy making this type of quilt.
PS. Does anyone know where to buy good quality metal frames at a good price?


bohemiannie! art said...

No help with metal frames...but I do love your quilt!

Andrine said...

Interesting quilt. I always like inspiration from dreams.
American Frames or Frames by Mail.