Friday, November 30, 2012

Golden Swirl = Possible UFO?

Golden Swirl
This is my response to Fast Fabric Challenge #75, "Falling in a Golden Swirl".  Unfortunately, I just lost the LONG write up and really do not want to do it again.  So just the basics.  PS.  These colors are the accurate ones.  I shot this under my daylight flourscent bulbs.  The chair photos were shot with regular bulbs as lighting.  Notice the huge color difference.
Hanging Chair with Old Cushion
I got the idea for the design while cleaning. My hanging chair had the cushion I made ~ 40 years ago. Then it blended with my colors; now it was an eye sore.
New Cushion is Too Large
After consulting with my cousin Carla, who makes beautiful home decor things, I was convinced I should try to put cording around the cushion. I thought this would really improve the look. Unfortunately, I did not try the cushion in the chair before I spent several hours making and attaching the cording.  Luckily, I finally did try out the size for fit before I added the back.  Obviously it is too big.  If I had not added the cording, I may have been able to smush it into the chair.
Old Cushion on Top of New Cushion
As you can see, not only is the old cushion a lot smaller, it is not even circular.
What to do?
Cushion as a Pillow

I am not very fond of this alternative.  I have decided to add it to my growing pile of UFO's so that I can return to my quilting for hurricane victims.  After all, they need bed quilts a lot more urgently than I need a new cushion.  I'm thinking that if everyone in my Quiltart group, made just one bed quilt, we could cover half the folks who lost everyone in the Sandy storm.

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