Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Drones Quilt Project

My Block
a scant 10" x 10"

How this project started is copied from

"The idea for a Drones Quilt came from some women in the UK who started the project as a way to memorialize the victims of U.S. combat drones. We believed that there were lots of anti-drone activists in the U.S. who would like to make our own version of a Drones Quilt, and so the idea traveled across the Atlantic.
The idea is to collectively create a piece of artwork which connects the names of activists with those killed. The names humanize the victims and point out the connectivity between human beings.
Plans for the American version of the quilt include creating educational materials, photographs and information which together with the quilts will create an exhibit which will travel the country, informing and educating the American public.
Sadly, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, only about 20% of the drone victims have been identified, so there are many, many victims whose names are not known."

Several months ago I saw either a video or a television program interviewing Drone operators.  Most said it was similar to a computer game:  they had a target assigned, the object was to send a Drone to blow up the target.  It did not feel 'real' to the operators.  Then one of the operators sent a Drone going to the assigned target.  Just seconds prior to the 'hit', two boys on bicycles drove into the target area.  The operator saw them explode.  That became a nightmare for him.  The reality of the 'game' sank in.  He quit his job.  At the time of the broadcast, he was in therapy.
When I heard about this program via my local Brunswick Peace Works, I knew it was for me.
I hope my block does not need explanation.  However, because I am so close to it, I can not experience it with fresh eyes.  PLEASE leave a comment about your reaction to my block.  All comments will be appreciated.
I will mail it as soon as I know that it is understood as is.  Otherwise, I will make another.

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KickyC said...

I love it when art makes a statement. This is a good one.

Anne Copeland said...

This is a very good and conscious statement about what happens with weapons. People forget what they can do to innocent people as well as those they are intended for. I am with you on this. Peace and many blessings, Anne

KAM said...

Thank you Ann for sharing this piece. It is well thought out and executed. As a Quaker, your words and thoughts speak to my heart and soul. Thank you for presenting this viewpoint so well in your quilt block. Kristin

ann said...

Thanks Kristin,
As a fellow Friend, this project spoke to me.