Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blue Rose

Blue Rose at IQA Oregon

This quilt started backwards from the usual way I work.  I started by creating the center of the rose, created the 'petal parts' plus the 'petal edges', then stitched down the background.  As often happens, the designed changed along the way.  Unfortunately, I have lost the name of the QA member who graciously sent me this photo.  Thank you  so much.  I LOVE 'seeing' my quilt in the show.  Could not do this without your help.  Hope I can do the same for others sometime.

Rose Bud + Center

Each petal section was quilted before it was attached.  This gave the body plus dimension I wanted. I used the black to further extend my limited amount of blue satin.

The Method overview

Sketch, Petal detail, and the rest of the satin.  I sketched the 'petal edges' in curves on the satin.  This way I was hoping to get as much usable satin as possible.  It worked.  

Blue Satin laid out on freezer paper

The rest of the blue satin was cut into strips, edged with gold paint, then gathered to complete each of the petals. The petals were sized according to the lengths of 'blue satin edging'.

Method of Strip Piecing on the Paper Pattern.  

I wanted the colors to get lighter as the rose grew.  I also wanted the strips relatively vertical.  In hind sight, I wish I had made then radiate outward from the center..  The problem was, I could not figure out how to do that and still get the color change I wanted.

All the Petals pieced, then ironed on the freezer paper for ease of turning under the edges.  

Layout with Outside Strips Stitched down.

Now I stated adding the completed petal sections.  I tucked the blue satin edging under as I went. Then machine appliqued the outer edge. All of the pieced were marked with a number.  This was necessary to match up the satin with the strip pieced petal.  Finally, it was ready for quilting.  Lots of quilting completed my project.  I thought it was going to Houston after Oregon.  Unfortunately, I was wrong. 

Blue Rose
41 1/2" x 64"

Besides some unexpected medical challenges, plus necessary unplanned work, plus the endless hours to complete this quilt,  I had no time to make anything else.  Hopefully, I will plan better next year.


LA Paylor said...

this was so much fun to read. Good that you detailed how it was made, from the first shot I just thought it was rolled velvet, but I really appreciate all the piecing and subtle mix of colors when I enlarged the photo! Really good, Ann. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

Funky Diva said...

Anne, your rose quilt is absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed seeing how you constructed it. I love it. Maggie Winfield