Thursday, October 9, 2008

My First Year of Quilting

Fall 07 though September 08

Before I could quilt I needed a place to do it. I built a table into this planned balcony-workspace a few years ago. The dining room skylight becomes my balcony window. Only problem is when something goes over the edge and lands on the floor below. The balcony is a tight space, but I also use my bed in the nearby alcove to lay out fabrics and pile other stuff when the table is too too over flowing.

I really think I started my first quilt project, a cover for my mixer, in the summer of 2007. I was still quite ill so things went very slowly. I made some pillows and a throne cover to try and learn some of the steps. My first BIG quilt was a memory quilt for my Mom. Didn't have a clue how to sew it together. I just had an idea and the determination to get it done while she could still enjoy it. I made a LOT of mistakes. I learn a LOT about what not to do again and some real no nos of quilting. I also learn one can't dye after the fact when a small purse I made for my daughter got charred in the micro-wave when I tried to set the dye on the rope handle.

Sometime in late fall of 2007, after a lot of encouragement, I started a blog. The first one didn't work out. I loved the format, but after a month or so they wanted me to pay. With so many free blogs available, paying was not an option. I continually tweak the format.

As the year started, my health was still very fragile. It took me 6 months to complete my next BIG quilt, 'The Retrospective Theater'. It traveled to California for the 'Silver Screen' exhibit which was part of the International Quilt Festival-Long Beach. It is now featured in 'Quilting Arts Magazine' page 53. WOW! What a thrill for me.

I worked on 2 different quilts that finally became UFOs. Other projects were part of quilt group activities, for Mom or for gifts. I also have to quilts that are going into gallery shows. They can't be exhibited until I'm given the OK.

I felt this was a good month to do a review for 2 reasons: my birthday and also it is almost a year since I started a blog. Hope you enjoy the reminiscence.

Balcony work area seen from the dining room

one side of mixer cover

other side of mixer cover

throne cover

green pillow

basket pillow

pink star pillow

water color 'strips that sizzle' pillow

pillows on my built-in day bed

Mom's Memory quilt

Mom's memory quilt pillow with explanations

Mom's memory quilt pillow front

burned purse for my daughter

'Angels don't have wings' for an on-line show

'angels don't have wings' for green postcard challenge

'The Retrospective Theater'

'The Retrospective Theater' close up

'art from the heart' for a thank you

aluminum butterfly for a positive-negative challenge

positive butterfly half in situ

negative butterfly half in situ

frog for "It's the year of the frog"

frog side view to show dimemsion

Angel for Mom standing

hanging angel showing 2 of 3 bells

leaf square for a 'Lovie'


pcoxdesign said...

Wow! For your first year you certainly have made quite a start! In the Long Beach show and in QA magazine! Nicely done!

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Ann, I'm so impressed with the work you have done in your first year of quilting! I enjoyed seeing what you have done and wanted to congratulate you on your obvious progress. You go, Girl!

Sarah E. said...

I love your opening quote, and your work is just incredible! How did you figure out the "throne cover"?? I'd love to make one, if you don't mind...truly enjoy your blog and WILL be back!!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Amazing work, especially since you've only been quilting for a year!