Friday, October 17, 2008

Turkey in my Driveway

I was tired when I drove in my driveway. Actually it is a shared drive between 2 two families. This is in the historic district, 1.5 blocks from the center of town. As I parked my truck I could NOT believe my eyes. A wild turkey was pecking at stuff on the black top drive. I got out quietly [didn't even close the door], went the long way around to go in my house and get my camera. The turkey seemed undisturbed. After he tired of pecking at the driveway, he went under a small tree beside my car. He pecked around there for a while. His head was in constant motion, bobbing and jerking as if looking for something. Then he went onto the side walk and started pecking between the stones of my dry wall that keeps back my garden.

Now if I lived in the country, this might not seem so unusual. However this district is tight with houses on lots between 44' and 66' wide. The usual pattern is drive, house, drive, house, etc. So the idea that I had a turkey, who didn't seem to mind my taking photos, really amazed me. Hope you enjoy these photos.


KarenF said...

He (she?) looks a bit skinny for Thanksgiving... maybe you should put out some corn! :-)

They are interesting creatures, and how startling it must have been to have one right there

Lynn Majidimehr said...

That's really quite amazing!