Friday, June 17, 2011

BOM Friendship Star

I was excited to learn that the Friendship Star was connected to Quakers.  All of our BOM's are suppose to be 12" square finished.  My thought is that some work better at smaller dimensions, especially the simple ones.  Therefore, I made this block at 3" square.  Not sure how I will eventually put my pieces together.  For now, I'm making these little ones while I wait for the paint to dry on my Dream Rocket square.
3" BOM's = 1 purple and 1 pink

Since I am making smaller squares than the rest of my guild, I am making more.  I'm sure my finished quilt will also be smaller.  I'm aiming for a lap quilt.  It will be very interesting to see what the final quilt looks like.  I'm getting very curious.  Of course I do not know what the rest of the BOM's will be.  This is a catch up block for me.

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I have always loved this block! So simple, yet so very pretty!