Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

I rarely do abstract pieces.  However, last Thursday someone donated several sample books to our 'Free Table'.  I picked up one with a lot of sheers.  After waddling into the house after our end of the year pot luck [pig-out], I started taking the book apart.  This is the first little piece.  I glued prefinished canvas to the board, painted, glued on the sheer and then added some ribbon.  It feeds my love of graphic designs.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day
5.5" high x 6" wide

PS.  I didn't have any hard board, so I cut a cover off of one of my note books.  I started reading the first poem.  Now I am thinking I need to hone that poem and make it into a work of art.  Kismet.


Marti said...

Ann! This is gorgeous. Would love to swap a wind chime for THIS!!!!!

ann said...

Thanks for the compliment. I made this to cheer up someone with medical problems on a list I just joined. It is full of prayers and a poem on the back for this person. Hope she appreciates it as much as you. I do not know anything about her except that she needs prayers. That is one think I can do!