Friday, June 10, 2011

Gifts for Japan

I few people have asked if help is still needed in Japan. I do not know.   However, for some inspiration, this is what I sent a few weeks ago.   As I read the news; life is still quite a challenge.      I am sure many things are still needed. I just do not know what they are.     Please check the news and see where you might have an opportunity to share.   It feels so good.   A little from many makes a lot for some.

Toiletries for Japan

These are the boxes I sent almost  7 weeks ago.     I get the impression that many things are still needed.  My Quaker Meeting , Durham Friends Meeting, donated most of the filling stuff including mostly bar soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo, etc.    After I carefully repacked and stuffed the boxes, I had some room. I used wash clothes for stuffing and added a baby quilt and small toy to all the necessities. It was such FUN!

One thing to remember when packing, everything needs to be enclosed in a plastic bag.    This takes a bit of time, but it ensures the package will not leak all over.

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