Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fern Ballet

Fern Ballet
33" x 41.5"
The 'circle distortion' was caused by my camera.  I would appreciate knowing how to control this better. 

Fern Ballet, detail
I finished this enough to photograph last year.  I entered it in Houston, but unfortunately, it was not juried into the painted fabric category.  I made it my placing real ferns on the black fabric, covering them with a flour paste, removing the ferns, and finally using a thicken bleach to remove the desired amount of color.  Now it is 'ready for hanging' in an International Quilt Festival of Ireland 2013.   http://www.iqfoi.com/exhibits.html
Removing the flour paste turned out to be a BIG chore.  First I hosed it down outside.  Then I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed some more.  I had prewashed the fabric, so I am uncertain as to why the paste wanted to stick so very hard.  Unless that is its' nature.
I do not always like my experiments.  I am very fond of this one.
It is extremely heavily quilted to bring out the dimension in the ferns.  I was lucky enough to find this backing fabric with 'fringe' on the edge.  I utilized that on the bottom.  I finished the whole quilt in a similar technique I used for 'Quinceaneros:  The Dance'.   http://www.quiltart.com/15/   That is, I turned the backing fabric outside to become part of the trim.  Then I covered the edge with braid. 
This is seventy, number 21.
For more information on "seventy", please see the post below.


Marti said...

This is so cool, Ann! I think it will HAVE to warm up eventually so we can get together. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! It's great when experiments work out so well! - Lynda

Funky Diva said...

Anne,it is always good when an experiment turns out so well. Interesting and beautiful. May it have good luck on it's journey to Ireland.

Nina Marie said...

Interesting - great idea for an experiment! Would you like to link this post up on my blog's Off the Wall Friday which is open throughout the weekend?

MulticoloredPieces said...

The black background makes this design very distinctive. Ferns have such an interesting shape and rhythm that you have captured well.
best, nadia