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Camp Sunshine and Quilt Installation

Welcome to Camp Sunshine
Entrance Doors address ALL who come here.  This is an absolutely amazing place.  The main building is huge because of all the needs it must address. 
Entry Walk
People may buy a brick to help support the work here.
 Donna and Me in the Main Entry
This is a very large area used both for  entry and circulation between pool, dining hall, and age related play and gathering areas.  Donna,  grant writer and wonderful hostess, is helping me hold my donation:  A Friendly of Five Fabulous Fishes Frequently Travel with Two Terrific Tag-a-longs. 
Right Side of the Entry
The cozy bench and animals invite snuggling.  The corners are round to flow into the 12' wide hall which is adorned with memory quilts.
A Very Welcoming Quilt

Quilts Made by and for a Special Disease
Each Camp Session address One Disease
The quilts above were made by and for one of the groups.

This Support Post was turned into a Volunteer List
There is a little yellow shirt with a name of a volunteer.  One side is for 5 years or more; another for 10, etc.  Donna told me this place could not operate without all of the wonderful volunteers.  While I was there many volunteers were pulling wagons with a child in side going from one event to another.  There are lots of wagons for children to ride in because many have a difficult time walking, especially in such a big place.

These Guys Great Everyone at the Dining Room Entrance

Dining Hall - Theater End
They often have productions involving the campers.  Quilts are hung from the ceiling to add  warmth and absorb noise.  Although this is an institutional size building, many efforts have been done to bring it down to scale and add warmth and interest.  The lights overhead are people doing different things.  This is another work of art.

Dining Hall as seen from the entry

A Cozy Spot in the Dining Hall
The following murals are All by wall muralist Mary Bleackfeather, herself a cancer survivor.  As you can see, these add such a warm, wonderful addition to this building.  I personally loved them.  Everytime I saw one, I smiled automatically. 
Bathroom Entrance

This one is close to the one above.

Shower Entrance, Females

Shower Entrance, Males

Computer Room
Hall Leading to the Infirmary- starting corner

Hall to Infirmary - entrance is just around the corner

Infirmary Waiting Room

Shower Curtains Decorate the Stair
There are craft rooms for every age.  One popular project is painting shower curtains.  After decorating the stair, they go into the family room baths.

 My Guild Friend, Sharon
She drove me and the quilts [ Beside my wall quilt, 5 bed quilts were donated by our members.] out to this wonderful facility with a heart as big as its' structures.  Sharon posed just before we left.  We both have warm memories of our visit and plan to find ways we can contribute more.
 Play House
This is attached to a Play Room for Young Children-Toddlers
My Quilt Installed
The entrance to the Play House in on the left side of the photo.  In my mind my quilt might be a little high.  However, it is hard to tell from the photo as everything here is child size.
Quilt Hanging System
Before I delivered the quilt, I sewed Velcro to the back and also glued and stapled Velcro to a wooden 1x2 drilled to mount on the wall.  This way the children can touch the quilt, yank it down, get it dirty, yet cause no harm.  It will be easy to wash it when needed.

For more information about Camp Sunshine, please visit

Camp Sunshine needs bunk size quilts, especially for boys. They now use the same size for bunks and beds. Width 63" - 78"; length ~ 87" long. The new bunks are the longest ones. This 87"-90" length is the size most needed.  As true of most places, quilts for boys are in short supply. They would prefer long bunk quilts that are age appropriate, with a theme that might appeal to either a boy or a girl, especially quilts for teens. Of course, bright, cheery colors are always important for these special children age baby through 18.  Each family room has a futon for the parents [yes, that also needs a quilt] and bunk beds for the children.  There is also space for a crib or cot if that is needed.

As an example, the quilts of mine that she particularly liked are the 'Tinkerbell quilt' for a girl and the 'Musical instruments quilt' for a teen, especially a boy.

It is not that these quilts are so wonderful.  It is just that they relate to a girl, boy or someone interested in music.  Donna said that she prefers quilts that are "age related" as opposed to a quilt that might be OK for anyone.  In my opinion, these special children deserve a quilt that relates to them.
If you would like to contribute a bed quilt or other work, please contact

Donna Leith
Development Team/Grant Writer
Camp Sunshine
35 Acadia Road
Casco, Maine 04015
207-655-3800 (telephone)
207-655-3825 (fax)

This is seventy, number 19
For more information on "seventy", please see the post below.


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Andrine said...

Thanks for posting the wonderful photos of Camp Sunshine and the use of art quilts to decorate the space. Many people have donated money to this camp and have never been inside. Your fish quilt looked at home there.