Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lap Quilt #2 + puzzle

I got these bags of polar fleece leftover pieces [from some manufacturing company I think]. I paid about $5 for the whole lot. I had NEVER used polar fleece, so I thought this was a bargain. Very few large pieces, quite a few too small to use, and most of the rest were medium sized odd shapes. Knowing I didn't have to worry abut raveling, I did NOT realize the bulk of the fabric would cause many problems in sewing.

Comparison of fleece sizes. Most are about the size of the light blue one, but not that regular in shape.

I first tried to make 'regular' seams. After much fighting and frustration, I realized that would not work for these small pieces because the many seams were pretty ugly and stiff.

I then tried overlapping seams. That worked better. Trying to loosen myself out of my square corner rut, I ironed back the edges on a nice piece of fabric to use as my backing. As you can see, I used a lot of uncut pieces. Not very happy with the results. Hopefully someone will pick it for their choice. It will be very warm. The size is 42" x 48".

In the middle of finishing this quilt, I decided for the next one I would square cut up the rest and piece it together by itself. I'm working on that. The cutting seems endless. I'm already bored, but too stubborn to give up. This stuff is very light weight, soft and very warm. Hopefully I will have something to post very soon.

TA DAH. . . now for the puzzle.

Click to Mix and Solve

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