Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lap Quilt number 1

I finished the top of this simple lap quilt before I started the window quilts. I was going to wait to post until after I got a bunch done. Well, as usual it is taking me a lot longer than I thought. After I finished the kitchen insulated window quilts, I decided to quilt this one. I used a extra thick batting for warmth. The backing is a wonderful group of children singing. I love the bright colors.
I didn't have a clue about sizes so I went on-line and looked at lap quilts. The sizes that are wanted by the 'quilts for veterans' are either 36" x 42" or 42" x 48". I thought these seemed rather small, so I added a larger size 42" x 60". Really hard to know what people will like and-or appreciate. My plan is to make different kinds and sizes, then wait for feed back. People will get to choose their quilt. All sorts of ages, so I'm thinking all sorts of sizes of quilts and different for the different tastes.
Although, I aim for a size, I am not expecting to be exact. I got a bunch of fabric off E-bay, sales at Joanne, and some from On Board Fabrics in Edgecomb, Maine. I will work with what I have and see where that takes me.
This quilts finished size is 37" x 53". I have never made anything but wall quilts, so this is a learning experience. I've already started a really experimental quilt using fleece pieces I got cheaply as they were left overs from some manufacturer. I also got a 10 yard bolt of black fleece on sale. After washing [and shrinkage], I was able to cut out 5 quilts + a blanket for my bed.

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