Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cottage Door

Cottage Door
4" x 6"
When the FFF Challenge came out, I was excited.  I had taken about 1,000 photos in Carmel between Christmas 2011 and New Years Day 2012.  I was so disappointed that the wedding photos were so awful, I had just stuck the album away on my computer.  Now, I had an excuse to examine it. 
Friday evening I went through lots of building, door and window photos. Finally, I found this little turquoise door which enchanted me.  I printed it using my Epson pigment printer late Friday night.  I thought I would just 'stitch it up' in the morning.  Almost 12 hours later it is done.  In person, it is tactilely dimensional.  I stitched in layers similarly to what I did in 'Nine Patch in White'.
I love the idea.  However, I thought I would go nuts stitching the window panes.  I will NOT be doing that again.  I got very tired of the stitching when it was only about 1/3 done.  Hopefully, it is a lesson learned.
Although I like it.  It was way way too too much work for the final result as a post card.  I think it would not have been any more work to make it in a larger size.
This is seventy, number 9.  Please see the following link if you want more information.


Antonija said...

Ann--that door and postcard is darling! Well done!!

Katherine McNeese said...

what a lovely cottage!

marsha said...

this postcard is beautiful!

Marilyn Wall said...

Ann this is lovely. First FFFC that has me excited in a while. Hope I have time to do this one.

Marilyn Wall said...

Ann how lovely. First FFFC challenge that has me excited in a while. Hope I can get one done.