Thursday, February 21, 2013

Golden Rectangle

Golden Rectangle
17 3/4" x 25" fat
Like a lot of you, I got the idea for this quilt while making another quilt.  While I was making my response to the FFF challenge, I thought about making another quilt using the Golden Rectangle as my subject.  Immediately after finishing One Yellow Square, I started this quilt.  Sewn into the gold golden rectangle are 2 other golden rectangles.  The gold golden rectangle also is positioned within a golden rectangle outlined by the gold painted fabric.  Originally I was not going to have any borders.  However, when I got into the quilting stage, I realized it needed a double border.  Very seldom does my original idea end up as I thought it would.  It is really a square cornered rectangle.  However after shooting about 50 photos, I decided I just needed to post.  When my new studio is completed, I will have a wall of sound board to use for design and most excitingly use for pining up my projects for photographing.  At the moment I am shooting blind down at a table.

Golden Rectangle detail
This was double layered and stitched before it was added to the whole quilt.  Because of all the extra batting, it is well raised from the rest of the quilt.
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This is seventy, number 8.

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