Saturday, March 9, 2013

Golden Swirl Cushion

Golden Swirl Cushion
I started this as a response to a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge.  It never got to the cushion stage because it was way too large.  I had based the size on the old cushion.  However, because the edges had cording, it had to sit absolutely flat to look good. 
Previously, I had cut the top down and carefully taken the cording off and totally apart.  The other thing I did not like about the original was the way the ridges in the cording stood out.  This time I wrapped the cording in raw, but washed, canvas.  The cording now has a nice smooth look. 
Why does it take me so long?  I spent almost 5 hours just finishing this up.  The good thing is that it sits nice and flat, not bunched up on the edges of the hanging chair.

Cushion in-situ
The original cushion top with a circle drawn where it needed to be cut down.  The colors here are more accurate than the photo above.

This is seventy, number 14.

For more information on "seventy", please see the post below.

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Lisa Quintana said...

Ann this is great! Glad you finished off a UFO.